Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dry Eye Syndrome from Graves Disease-Hyperthyroidism. TheraLife Can Help

Graves Disease is the most common cause of Hyperthyroidism.  The body produces too much thyroid hormone.  It is an autoimmune disorder where the body makes an antibody which mimics the thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).  This antibody attaches itself to the thyroid and makes more thyroid than the body needs.

A major issue of Graves Disease is Dry Eyes

In people with hyperthyroidism, their eyes bulge out of the eye socket.  A condition that is called Graves’ ophthalmopathy   this condition causes dry eyes because the body attacks the tissues and other tissues surrounding the eyes.  Symptoms of Graves Opthalmopathy include:
  • dry, gritty, and irritated eyes
  • puffy eyelids
  • double vision
  • light sensitivity
  • pressure or pain in the eyes
  • trouble moving the eyes
How TheraLife Autoimmune Can Help

TheraLife Eye Autoimmune is specifically formulated to restore tear secretion glands and regulates immune system.  You get balanced, sustainable tears all day long.  Get dry eye relief today.

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  1. Graves Disease Dry Eyes- use TheraLife Autoimmune for Relief and Control. Buy today!