Saturday, February 9, 2019

What Triggers Ocular Rosacea?


What Triggers Ocular Rosacea?

People with facial rosacea often end up with ocular rosacea.  Symptoms of red, itchy, burning eyes with blurry vision are very common.  Just like the symptoms of chronic dry eyes. 

 There is a highly inflammatory component to ocular rosacea that is different than just chronic dry eyes.  The inflammation is generated from within.  It is recurring, and can be very frustrating.  

Eye doctors treat ocular rosacea with antibiotics, steroid drops, eye drops and often people with ocular rosacea indicate these measures do not work well.

It is not well known what causes rosacea on the face, partly genetics and environment.  However, you can help reduce inflammation by avoiding these triggers 

Here are some of the triggers: 

  • Spicy foods
  • Hot caffeinated drinks
  • Extremely cold or hot temperatures
  • Anger and stress
  • UV sunlight
  • Vigorous exercise
  • Saunas or hot baths
  • Corticosteroids
  • Poor eating habits (processed foods, low vegetable intake)
  • Poor hygiene

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