Thursday, June 21, 2018

How I grew back eye lashes from Blepharitis. True Story

How I Grew Back Eye Lashes from Blepharitis. True Story

Blepharitis - the inflammation of eye lid gives you sticky, crusty build up on your eye lids.  Your eye lids tends to be puffy, red, and irritated.  Most likely you also have chronic dry eyes which may have caused blepharitis to begin with.  

Below is my personal story how I recovered from Blepharitis, Dry Eyes and start to grew back my eye lashes.

TheraLife truly gave me back my life.  

Blepharitis Recovery   

"I have had blepharitis that would come concurrent with pink eye for quite a few years, but it has always gone away pretty quickly on its own. This last time, however, blepharitis and dry eye did not leave, and it became quite disruptive to my life. My eye lashes started to fall out.  My eye doctor gave me eye drops, which only made my eyes feel more dry. I felt as though I had no hope for my eyes and they were just going to keep getting worse and worse. I finally decided to try Theralife, despite being fairly skeptical, and I'm So glad I did. I've now been taking it for just over two weeks, and I already feel so much better. This morning I woke up and my eyes were almost white, instead of bright red. My blurry Vision is pretty much cleared up, the stickiness gone from eye, and the stinging has almost left. I'm looking forward to them getting better and better. Thanks so much!"

Cindy, USA.  

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