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How To Treat Cornea Abrasion from Dry Eyes

How To Treat Conrea Abrasion from Dry Eyes

What is Cornea Abrasion?

Corneal abrasions are scratches on the outermost part of the eye. Sometimes a painful injury is the clear cause. Other times, symptoms can build slowly over a few hours. A corneal abrasion causes so much discomfort that sufferers should seek medical care quickly. The scratch can become infected and cause serious damage in as little as 24 hours. Therefore, recognizing a corneal abrasion could save your sight.

The cornea has 6 layers, and it is very sensitive. It helps the body regulate tear production. The cornea sends signals to the brain to direct it to tell the lacrimal glands whether more or less tears are needed every moment.

Symptoms of Corneal Abrasions

The primary symptom is a feeling that there is a foreign body in the eye. It may feel like large chunks of sand, disproportionate to the size of any visible debris. This may develop immediately or a few hours after the initial injury.
The eyes may be watery. Vision can be distorted or blurred.
When looking at a bright light, the eye may feel more painful. The eye muscles may spasm, resulting in squinting.

Corneal Abrasions: Causes

  • Chronic Dry Eyes - constant irritation, inflammation from blinking, creating cornea damage
  • Debris entering the eye, such as road dust, sawdust, shards of metal, craft supplies, snow and ice, etc.
  • Rubbing the eye after debris enters it (instead, use a free-flowing eyewash)
  • Watching a welding arc without sufficient eye protection (ultraviolet light)
  • Spending the day around water or snow (UV light amplified by glare)
  • Rubbing the eye excessively, regardless of cause (allergies, debris, dry eye syndrome, etc.)
  • Suffering from dry eye syndrome: waking up, opening the eyes, and the lids are partially attached to the eyes, causing abrasions
  • Broken or low-quality decorative contact lens
  • A tree branch, fingernail, cosmetic applicator, or another sharp object
  • Hot ash from a fire or cigarette
  • Surgery or in-office procedures without eye protection (suture scratches)
  • Chemicals splashing into the eye
To prevent eye injuries, wear eye protection when playing sports, in the workroom, while handling chemicals, and skiing. Wear sunglasses when outdoors, especially while on the water and in the snow.

What To Do

If the cause is dry eyes, call TheraLife Eye for help.  TheraLife Eye capsules can restore your own tear secretion functions and heal cornea abrasion. 
Here is a personal story from one of TheraLife's customers who had cornea abrasion which was healed by TheraLife Eye capsules

Chronic Dry Eye Cornea Abrasion for 20 years- Relief by TheraLife Eye

 "I have suffered from dry-eye for nearly 20 years. My eyes would be terribly dry and constantly stinging and really red and bloodshot. A former employer actually accused me of being an alcoholic and drinking during work hours. After using countless different types of eye drops and gels, nothing ever worked. I got a prescription for prescription eye drop from my family doctor and after enduring 6 months of that expensive nonsense and even worsened redness, I threw that away.
I found TheraLife on the internet.  After starting TheraLife capsules along with the fish oil this past March, I am stunned. It took approximately 3-4 weeks and my eyes are nice and white with no burning or stinging. My eyes actually shine with a healthy sheen to them. I am referring everyone that I run across with dry-eye symptoms to call TheraLife. I am a Medicare health insurance agent and have over a thousand clients. It's surprising how many people suffer with this ailment.

Thank you TheraLife so much for ending my agony. Please feel free to use my testimony"


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