Thursday, July 17, 2014

Elimination Diet to Relief Allergy Dry Eyes

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Some of our customer who use TheraLife Eye has an allergy component to their dry eye syndrome.  Here is a story from one of our customers who used an elimination diet to further improve her dry eye relief while taking TheraLife Eye on daily basis. 

Here is her story

I have been taking TheraLife Eye for 4 years now.  I have allergies and my eyes are always itchy.  Recently, I tried and Elimination Diet which gave me further improvement.
This diet includes, No Gluten, No refined sugar, No dairy, and No caffeine. Also No GMO corn products. After two weeks on the diet, I had an appreciative change in my eye health - No redness, always moist and no itching senzation. This diet is not difficult to follow as one may think because  many restaurants provide great choices nowadays to allow you to stay on this diet, including Starbucks with no caffeine passion ice tea.   I continue to take TheraLife Eye for dry eye relief.  Adding this diet allowed me to be allergy free.
KA  Thousand Oaks, CA

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