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State of Dry Eye Management in Doctor's Offices.

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Many dry eye customers come to TheraLife relating the fact that they have gone to their eye doctor's, and not getting relief.  This research study was performed to see what the perceptions are of the dry eye disease in current clinical practices.

Goal of the study - to assess the perceptions of eye care providers regarding the clinical management of dry eye.

Survey  Method - Invitations to complete a 17-question online survey to 400 members of the North Carolina Ophthalmology and Optometry Associations including community optometrists, comprehensive ophthalmologists, and cornea specialists.

1. Burning- most often complained symptom.
2. Foreign Body Sensation.
3. Watery eyes- yes, watery dry eyes

Treatment Recommendations
1. Artificial Tears - most often recommended.
2. Cyclosporin A
High rate of failure is observed using eye drops.  The reason being, frequent use of eye drops make your eyes drier.

Other diseases or disorders seen in the dry eye population

1. Rheumatoid arthritis,
2. Sjögren syndrome,
3. Anxiety and depression,
5. Smoking,
6. Thyroid Diseases

The ability to diagnose and manage dry eye disease in clinical practices vary.  Diagnoses is mostly based on medical history rather than objective, measurable tests.
Eye drops do not work for a large percentage of dry eye sufferers.
Burning is the most frequent complaint from dry eye customers in a doctor's offices.

This is an abstract from Opthalmology Management
Williamson JF, Huynh K, Weaver MA, Davis RM. Eye Contact Lens. 2014 Mar;40(2):111-5.

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  1. Survey indicates that dry eye diagnosis is mostly based on clinical history rather than testing. Burning ranks highest in symptom complaint. Eye drops fail at a high rate. Get TheraLife Eye to restore your own tears today.