Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Success Rate in Treating Dry Eyes

A recent “AOA News" article  reports low rates of success in treating dry eyes in doctor's offices.  Are you one of those people who tried to use eye drops to no avail.  Dry eye is one of the most frequent complaints, and yet one of the least satisfactory.

Here are some facts from this publication.

1) About half of  adults (48%) in United States experience one or more dry eye symptom(s) regularly.  For the world, multiply by 2 1/2;
2)  Almost 19% of women over the age of 55 have experienced dry eye symptoms for more than 10 years,  Typically they tried eye drops, prescription eye drops, puntal plugs, nothing helped.
3) Sixty Nine Percent (69%) of the people who experience one or more dry eye symptom(s) have not visited a eye care professional to treat symptoms
4)  Those who visit an eye care professional to treat dry eye symptoms, 19% visited more than once before finding relief, and 22% reported that they still have not found relief.
This publication indicates that of all the ocular complaints, dry eye symptoms out number them all in the doctor's offices.  People who take relief into their own hands experience significant visual and quality of life issues due to dry eye, and have not found substantial relief from the condition. 

TheraLife is here to help.

Why is this happening?
Several possible explanations.

1. Eye doctor's training in the medical schools are treat on the surface approach, e.g. use eye drops.  Unfortunately, frequent use of eye drops make eyes drier over time.
2. Capsules that claims to relief dry eyes packed with oily materials is targeted to lubricate your eyes through oral intake. These oils do have anti-inflammatory activities, but often by itself is insufficient for chronic dry eye relief. 
3.  Capsules that contain lutein is good to prevent macular degeneration over a period of 10-15 years.  It does not relief dry eyes. 

4. None of the capsules or drops deal with the fact that in chronic dry eyes, often the tear secretion glands are shut down due to inflammation.  Natural tear contain more than 300 components which is nearly impossible for artificial tears to duplicate  The body requires constant tear secretion with the correct thickness in order to lubricate your eyes comfortably.

How TheraLife Can Help

TheraLife Eye restores normal cell functions to both lacrimal ( tear volume) and meibomian glands (lubricants) for balanced lasting relief all day long.  We highly recommend Omega 3 Fish Oil to be used concurrently in order to achieve maximum results.

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