Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What causes Blepharitis/Conjunctivities and Dry Eyes?

You have been diagnosed with dry eyes.  Your eyes are sticky in the mornings, eye lids inflammaed and you have been prescribed antibiotics.  You are still using eye drops constantly, warm compress,  eye lid cleaning. Your eyes are still red, dry, and irritable. What is happening?
There are many causes of red eyes, incljuding:Chronic dry eye syndrome;Conjunctivitis;and Blepharitis

Chronic Dry Eye Syndrome:

Red, dry, irritable eyes are typical signs of chronic dry eye syndrome.  The problem is, the more eye drops you use, the drier your eyes are.  You probably have already noticed this.


Conjunctivitis is bacterial or viral infection of the eyes. Your vision often become cloudy.  Bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotic eye drops or ointment.  Viral infections will migrate from one eye to another and runs through a 14 day course and stop.  For some viral infections, such as herpes, ocular lesion maybe common. 


Blepharitis is defined as inflammation of the eye lids.  Meibomian glands which produce lubridants are often involved. Common causes for Blepharitis involve eye lids and eye lashes attracting dirt or has inflammation.  This cinlude rosacea, dandruff, allergies, bacterial growth or growth of mites on the eye lashes.  Eyes often produce sticky crusty build up in the mornings which attracts dirt, bacteria etc. and cause infection.

Threatments for Blepharitis involve warm compress twice daily, 10 minutes each time,  eye lid cleaning followed by gentle massage of both upper and lower eye lids. Blepharitis tend to recur. Eye lid hygiene is key to keep it at bay.

Symptoms of blepharitis are similar to red dry eyes - red, blurry vision, watery, irritated, tired, light sensitivity and often wake up with a crusting on the eyelashes.

How can TheraLife Eye Help?

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