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Steroids for Blepharitis-Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Treatments

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 People with Blepharitis/MGD are prescribed topical steroids to reduce inflammation in the short term.  This new research study looks at  the side of steroid usage and the increase of intra-ocular pressure, which can be dangerous and leading to blindness.  To avoid this unfortunate side effects, use TheraLife Eye which is an all natural formula to fight inflammation, restore tear secretions to relief dry eye and stay healthy

Topical corticosteroids are frequently used in the treatment of inflammation in the eye, particularly for chronic blepharitis and meibomian gland dysfunction.  One of the serious side effect is  its is a potential IOP increase. loteprednol etabonate or loteprednol etabonate/tobramycin is a topical ocular anti-inflammatory corticosteroid that has a reduced incidence of increased IOP as compared to dexamethasone (very strong steroid) .

A retrospective research study indicated that increased IOP ( range from 9.2mm to 15.3mm Hg)  was detected in 55 days ( 1.8 months) after steroid use.  If this is the subsequent steroid usage, for those who responded before, the IOP increase is higher.  A small number of patients required glaucoma surgery,including shunt, SLT and cyclodestructive prodcedures.  
Normal eye pressure ranges from 10-21 mm Hg

In conclusion, this research study indicates the risk of IOP elevations is lower with loteprednol etabonate than with older ketone based corticosteroid products; however, even the newer, ester-based corticosteroid products can induce IOP elevations within a short time frame and require IOP monitoring.   Use of steroids for 2 weeks to one month is safe.  

healthyeyebuttonGet out of this viscous cyclical dry eyes and inflammation with TheraLife Eye.  Chose the all natural,  alternative to steroids and stay healthy.  

TheraLife Eye is strongly anti-inflammatory, and will restore your tear secretion glands to relief dry eye symptoms - the root cause of ocular inflammation.  

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  1. Steroids are often used to treat meibomian gland/blepharitis dry eyes. But it increases intra-ocualar pressure. Chose TheraLife Eye -the all natural alternative to restore your own tear secretions. Bu now!