Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Sjogren’s Syndrome-Latest Research News-Antibodies May Hold The Secrets of Unraveling Mystery of Autoimmune Disease


 A group of scientists from Adelaide University have found that antibodies found in the bloodstream of patients with primary Sjogren’s syndrome bind to the receptors of small nerve endings found in glandular structures and other organs, and have the effect of blocking transmission through these nerves.

Results of the study published this week in the international journal Arthritis and Rheumatism.

The current study was carried out in collaboration with the North Western Adelaide Health Service, Adelaide University and the Flinders Medical Centre

Dr Rischmueller and associates Dr Sally Waterman and Professor Tom Gordon, Department of Immunology, Allergy and Arthritis, FMC hope to obtain major funding to continue their work into this debilitating illness, the results of which will also aid in the understanding and treatment of other autoimmune diseases.

Sjogren’s Syndrome  is typified by:
  • severe dryness of the eyes and mouth
  • accelerated dental cavities, thrush
  • Fatigue
  • muscle and joint pains
  • swollen glands
  • other widespread complaints- e.g. fibromyalgia.
Most therapeutic researches are focused on immune-suppressants, and anti-inflammatory drugs.  Most of these drugs include significant side effects that cannot be ignored.

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