Monday, August 31, 2015

Simple Tips for Night Time Dry Eye Relief.

Theralife Eye Capsules right before bed time  Night time dry eyes can be due to several factors
1.      Lower metabolism-during sleep, body less able to deliver blood and nutrients to the eye.  Take 4 capsules of TheraLife Eye right before bed to aid delivery and relief dry eyes.
2.     Eye lids partially open.  You might not be aware that your eye lids are partially open during sleep allowing tear to evaporate easily.  Solution to wear eye mask to keep your eye lids closed.
  • EYE LUBRICATION (e.g. tears, gels, etc): This is often recommended by eye doctors. Night time lubrication has its limits as well as its pitfalls. Viscous (thick) products,  products with petrolatum and mineral oil should be used at night are frequently recommended by doctors. Many experts question the frequent use of ointments and whether it's good for you. Long-term use of ointments for night protection. We believe using physical protection such as eye mask maybe a better choice than thick eye gels.
  •    PHYSICAL PROTECTION (e.g.  sleep masks or taping): This is something relatively few people think of on their own but it can make an enormous difference in protecting vulernable, dry eyes against severe dryness, erosions and abrasions at night.
  • Simply covering your eyes effectively to reduce tear evaporation and keep in moisture. One reason this is so effective is that for many people, aggravated night symptoms may be related to an underdiagnosed condition called lagophthalmos, where the lids do not fully close; however, even people who know their eyelids seal usually get a benefit from a barrier. Eye protection can be as simple as a soft eye mask (like the type you can get for $2-3 at a drugstore to keep light out when you're napping), or a thicker more effective sleep mask like the ones in the dry eye shop. Whatever you choose to use, try to keep your eyes covered at least part of the night. Don't forget to keep it clean and dry: daily washing is paramount, especially for moisture inserts.

  • HEAT, A/C, CEILING FANS (i.e. OFF): Heat and Air Conditioning dry out the air in the bedroom and aggravate overnight symptoms. The less you use of either at night, the better. Please also consider airflow. Keep the ceiling fan off if possible as the increased airflow will contribute to more evaporation too. During seasons, or in climates, where heavy use of heat or Air Conditioners is necessary, use of a humidifier and eye protection becomes even more important.
  • HUMIDIFICATION (i.e. ON): humidifier in the bedroom is helpful for many chronic dry eye patients. It's also very important to keep your humidifier as clean as possible, otherwise it may contribute to the problem rather than help solve it.

  • HEAT TREATMENT (i.e. DO IT): Just before bed is an excellent time to do your treatments for Meibomian gland dysfunction (failure of the oil glands in the eyelids to secrete enough oil to prevent rapid tear evaporation). Warm compresses, especially the gel or rice baggy method, often result in excess oil secretions that blur vision for awhile, so bedtime can be a practical time for them, and some people find that compresses just before bed help reduce their overnight symptoms.

In Summary
Under normal circumstances, here's our recommended routine for Night Time Dry Eyes. :
  • Fans off, and heat or A/C at a minimum. Hot or cold air blowing around is lethal to vulnerable corneas.

  • Gel Compress or Rice Baggy :  microwave it to a comfortable for 20-30 seconds, (not too hot as there is always danger of burning, even when you're experienced - just warm enough that it will stay that way for awhile) and bring it tobed.. I put it on the eyes for at least ten minutes - often leave it on till it cools - occasionally fall asleep and wake up in the middle of the night with it still on!

  • TheraLife Eye Capsules 4 capsules before bedtime to encourage tear production.

  •  Mask or goggle: If you have one of those night time goggle with moisture pads, use it.  Otherwise, use a sleep mask instead.

  • Unisol, Dwelle or NutraTear first thing in the morning depending what your eyes feel like. Use some Unisol to get things loosened up before putting in sclera lenses on ( this is a bandage contact lens for those with cornea abrasions).  Note, if your blepharitis is under control, and TheraLIfe Eye capsule is working for you to produce tears, you shouldn’t have to do this step.

  • Avenova  iLid Cleanser- clean your eye lids before or after the shower.  Once your Blepharitis is under control, use iLid Cleanser once a day only at night.  

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