Thursday, July 23, 2015

See how meibomian glands can be expressed manually.

If you have meibomian gland dysfunction and has used one of the intense pulsed light treatment methods.  Your glands are clogged again.  Ever wonder how you can express the meibomian glands yourself and keep it open?

Watch a video how this is done.  Be sure to consult with your eye doctor to make sure you don't hurt yourself.  Many eye doctors are now teaching their patients on how to do this at home maybe once a month.

Be ware, over expressing can also lead to insufficient lubricant secretions causing dry eyes.  The meibomian glands fill up slowly. Check and do this once a month will ensure free flowing healthy meibomian glands.

Here is the youtube link

Williamson JF, Huynh K, Weaver MA, Davis RM. Eye Contact Lens. 2014 Mar;40(2):111-5.
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  1. You may have tried to unclog your meibomian glands with LipiFlow, IPL and your glands are clogged again. Watch how meibomian glands can be manually expressed to keep it unclogged. Hot Compresses are vital to meibomian gland health. Learn from TheraLife.