Wednesday, July 15, 2015

New Research Shows Why Omega-3 Fish Oil is A Vital Part of Dry Eye Treatment

A new research study indicates Omega -3 Fish Oil significantly improve dry eye measurements in OSDI dry eye questionnaire, tear viscosity and tear volume, and corneal staining scores.  The strong anti-inflammatory activites in the fish oil is attributed to the improvement of dry eye symptoms and scientific measurements.   

If you have chronic dry eyes, is Omega 3 Fish Oil enough?  The answer is no.  Use TheraLife Eye capsules to restore your normal tear function and relief dry eyes naturally.  Read on!

This is an abstract of this research study. 

The ONIT Study-Ocular Nutrition Impact on Tear Film
Mulqueeny SP, Davis RL, Townsend WD, Koffler BH. Adv Ophthalmol Vis Syst. 2015. 2(2): 00038.
PURPOSE: To better understand the role of a proprietary dietary supplement formulated to contain Omega 3 and seven other anti-inflammatories plays in patients with established clinical findings consistent with dry eye disease. Secondarily, this evaluation will attempt to discover if any of the diagnostic markers are predictive to the therapeutic approach of omega 3 anti-inflammatory dietary supplements.
DESIGN: Clinical-based, multi-center cohort study.
METHODS: This eight-week feasibility study was to determine if subjects presenting with dry eye confirmed by diagnostic markers and symptoms responded to nutritional therapy via an oral nutritional supplement. Analyses were completed on a subgroup of subjects with 4 of 7 possible diagnostic criteria.
RESULTS: A total of 67 patients were enrolled between 18-79 years of age inclusive. At the conclusion of the study, improvement from baseline was demonstrated in OSDI decreasing scores by 38%. Improved tear breakup time and phenol red thread scores were seen and was reduced conjunctival staining. There was also a decrease noted in lid inflammation. Osmolarity scores were variable and inconclusive.
CONCLUSION: Supplementation with this Omega-3 anti-inflammatory product in dry eye showed significant improvement in OSDI, TBUT, conjunctival staining lid inflammation and phenol red tear meniscus and corneal staining scores. This decrease in patient symptoms could be an indication of decreasing ocular surface inflammation and possible stabilization of the lipid layer. The change from baseline for these signs appears rapid, as differences were shown as early as one-week post-supplementation.

Add TheraLife Eye to your chronic dry eye treatment regimen. 

How can TheraLife Eye Help?
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  1. Research indicates Omega-3 fish Oil is a vital part of dry eye treatment. For chronic dry eyes, Fish Oil alone is not enough. Add TheraLife Eye capsules to your dry eye treatment regimen.

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