Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tips for Dry Eyes from Computer Overuse.

You have been using computer for hours! Your eyes are soar! They hurt!  Tried eye drops by the hour, it is not helping.  What to do?

Here are some simple tips to  relief dry eyes:
  1. Blink often – program onto your computer to remind you to blink.
  2. Avoid fluorescent lights - shield your eyes.
  3. Take your eyes away from the computer 5 minutes every hour- look out the window and focus on a far away place to relax your eyes.
Other tips include:

1. Drink lots of water - no water, no tears

2. Exercise to improve circulation and help deliver blood and nutrients to the eye.

3. Use humidifiers especially in the bedroom where you sleep or a small portable one by your desk.

4. Wear wrap around sunglasses – dry eyes are very light and wind sensitive.

5. Frequent use of eye drops make your eyes drier.

6. Wear Night Time Moisture Goggles.   Your eyelids maybe partially open during sleep. Especially when you notice your eye balls are stuck to your eye lids during the night.

7. Use wet warm compress over your eyes- to improve circulation and help you relax.

8. Get enough sleep!

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