Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How To Cope with Depression Caused by Dry Eye Syndrome

Research studies has documented that chronic dry eyes cause depression.    

The symptoms of depression can include:

1. Your dry eyes hurt so much that all you can think of all day and all night is how much pain you are feeling.  
2. You get up in the middle of the night to put eye drops in your eyes, interrupting sleep.
3.  Sadness overwhelm you sometimes, believing that this is going to be the life for you from now on, always in pain,  leaving you unable to enjoy the people and activities in your life.

Your emotions cloud your outlook, leading to interference with your relationships or affect the way you sleep at night. Unable to function during the day. You may be suffering from depression or an anxiety disorder.

It is normal that you feel sad or worried when you have chronic dry eye syndrome.  Chronic dry eyes result in emotional ups and downs we all experience with elation or fear.

It's common, and occasionally even helpful, for you to react to life's stresses, challenges and dangers with anxiety.
  • What's NOT  natural is when those feelings persist long after the event or condition that triggered them.
  • What's NOT normal is when those feelings seem to arise from nowhere, appearing even in the absence of obvious external triggers.
  • What's certainly NOT normal is feeling the weight of your emotions so heavily that they interfere with sleep, prevent you from performing daily activities or arouse concern in the people who care about you.
In its milder forms, depression or anxiety can make it difficult to get yourself out of bed everyday and to go through your daily activities. Feeling fatigue, inertia, sadness and recurring fears can hover like a rain cloud over your life.

Chronic dry eyes can result in mild to moderate depression.  Research studies indicate people with prolonged discomfort from dry eyes often experience more severe symptoms than what the clinical indicators seem to indicate
You DON'T have to suffer this way

Let's permanently resolve this issue of chronic dry eyes so your life can get back on track.  TheraLife can help!

TheraLife Can Help

In a clinical trial, TheraLife Eye relieved dry eye symptoms in 80% of the people with dry eyes.  TheraLife Eye is a capsules that treats dry eyes from witnin the tear secretion glands. Unlike other dry eye remedies today which are based on drops, providing temporary relief from the surface of the eye ball.  It has been shown that frequent use of eye drops make eyes drier.  Take a different approach now.

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