Thursday, December 26, 2013

Post LASIK Dry Eyes - TheraLife Can Help.

It is known that LASIK surgery for vision correction often result in dry eyes.  The healing process sometimes result in uneven cornea surface that creates friction each time you blink.  This friction creates inflammation and shuts on your tear secretion glands.

TheraLife Eye goes intra-celluarly to stimulate tear secretion glands to produce normal balanced tears to relief dry eyes.  TheraLife Eye also contains strong anti-inflammatory agents to counter act inflammation. 

Here is a personal story from one of the TheraLife customers.  Learn how this can help you!

" My experience with TheraLife Eye Enhanced has been remarkable.  I had lasik eye surgery in 2007, because my eyes were too dry to wear contact lenses.  I should not have been a candidate for LASIK surgery, but like many others, my eye doctor went ahead with the surgery.  I was 62 years old and very near-sighted. 

The surgery corrected my vision perfectly for both distance and close up, but I was left with eyes so dry, red and painful that the quality fof my daily life was severely impacted.  The eye doctor at the LASIK center prescribed a prescription eye drop and sent me away.  These prescription eye drops are expensive and di d not help relief my dry eyes.  I began seeing other opthalmologist who diagnosed me with chronic blepharitis and gave me a steriod eye drop - which I used for ten days each month together with the prescription eye drop twice a day.  The steroid eye drop had severe side effects that affect the liver and kidney function.   I was quite concerned about using steroid drops in the long run.

I searched online and found TheraLife eye.  I took 8 capsules per day as recommended and now I am down to two pills a day.  I take a few more when I travel to low humidity areas or just when my eyes feel dry. No more redness.  No more scratchiness.  No more dryness.  I actually feel that I look younger, because I'm not squinting in discomfort and my eyes are clear again.

I recommended this product to a friend who was using the same prescription eye drop until her insurance no longer covered it. She also is happy with the results from taking TheraLife Eye.  It may seem expensive at the beginning when the dosage is high, but once you started to maintain on dosage, it becomes very economical for the great results you get.  Best of all, it worked.

C.L. Strongsville, Ohio

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  1. Severe dry eyes due to LASIK surgery. See how I finally got relief from TheraLife Eye.