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Lid Margin Debridement for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction Treatment

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Clogged meibomian glands is a major problem in people with chronic dry eye disease. The meibomian glands gets inflamed and clog up the pores to prevent lubricants from flowing. 
At TheraLife, we recommended the following regimen to treat MGD
11. TheraLife Eye to revitalize tear secretion glands, including meibomian glands.  -
22.     Hot compress- twice a day, 10 minutes each time
33    Use Thermal Pulse System to melt the clogging and open the secretion glands.  Procedure may need to be repeated.
44    Use Intense Light Pulse (IPL) therapy using laser heat to open the glands
Use steroid drops to stop inflammation when the condition becomes severe.

Over time, the meibomian glands tend to accumulate dead epithelial cells (just like dead skin cells) around the eye lid, making it impossible for the natural lubricants to flow out.

Lid Margin Debridement - Scraping and cleaning meibomian glands

This  new simple procedure uses a lid paddle to gently scrap along the eye lids to remove the dead epithelial cells and open up the meibomian glands.  One maybe able to see the fluid flow out immediately.

At ARVO meeting 2013, a small study by Drs. Caroline Blackie and Donald Korb was presented on lid margin debridement.  At one month post-treatment, patients reported a significant improvement in dry eye symptoms.  The researchers showed there is an increase in the number of functional meibomian glands. This appears to be a promising development in MGD therapy


 Try using TheraLife Eye to keep all your tear secretion glands open and healthy.  Stop the vicious cycle of dry eyes, inflammation and inactive tear secretion glands.  Get your life back on track today.

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