Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How is watery dry eye diagnosed.

Wet Dry Eye
How is watering eye diagnosed?

Do you have watery eyes all day.  Eye doctor's told you that you have dry eyes, only to prescribe more eye drops, maybe even tried to plug up your tear ducts (punctal plugs) making your watery eyes worse.  Tried prescription eye drops with no results.  Your eyes are getting drier and drier- with tears running down your cheek.

Watery eyes are mostly from allergies or dry eyes.  A general practioner (GP) or any eye care doctors should be able to diagnose it easily.  Here is how.

1.  Probe to see if tear duct is blocked under anesthesia.  If blockage exist, they may use a dye to check the exact location of the blockage using X-ray.

A probe might be inserted into the narrow drainage channels on the inside of the eye (canaliculi) to see whether they are blocked.

2.  Diagnoses for dry eyes- stain the eyes using fluorescene dye and look for dry spots on the cornea.  Dry eye history can also be helpful to see if the dry eye condition existed before eyes became watery.

Both tear volume ( Schirmer's test) or tear viscosity test ( Tear Breakup Test) cannot be measured in watery eyes, the cornea condition and dry eye history are the best approaches.

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