Thursday, June 13, 2013

Causes & Treatments for Watery Eyes.

Wet Dry Eye
Do you have watery eyes?  looks like you are crying for no good reason, tears streaming down your cheeks non- stop.  Frustrated?  Learn what causes watery eyes.

1.  Allergies - especially seasonal allergies.  Allergies to pollen, dust mites, pet dander etc. will cause eyes to water.  Best remedy is to use an over the counter anti-histamine like Claritin or Zertac.  Consult your allergist about desensitization if your allergy is more serious.

2.  Blocked tear ducts- tear ducts are too narrow or blocked due to inflammation or swelling.  Eye infection can cause watery eyes afterwards.

3. Chronic dry eyes - dry eyes left untreated for a long time causing you to produce reflux tears.  Reflux tears ( the tear you cry with ) are of poor quality and serves to wash your eye balls clear of natural lubricants causing your tears to evaporate too quickly.  This is similar to using too many eye drops.

healthyeyeTreatment your Watery Dry Eyes with TheraLife Eye

TheraLife Eye stimulate your tear secretion glands to over come inflammation and restore normal function- resulting in balanced sustainable tears all day long.  Get relief today.

Watery dry eyes will take longer to relief because we need to first treat your dry eyes, then train your brain not to cry.  Call us for more details 1-877-917-1989

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  1. Number one cause of watery eyes is dry eyes. Treat dry eyes with TheraLife Eye and stop tear over production now.