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Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Autoimmune Disorders- Sjogren's and More

Inflammation is a major component of Sjogren’s syndrome and essentially all autoimmune disease.  One of the first ways to address this is through an anti-inflammatory diet.  This upstream approach to treatment focuses on avoiding pro-inflammatory food and eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods.

To start you on the road to success.   Start your morning with a smoothy made with high fiber vegetables.  You may add a few fresh fruits for flavor.  You will be surprised how good you feel!
  • Avoiding spicy foods
  • Avoiding refined sugar
  • Avoiding alcohol and wine
  • Avoiding caffeine
  • Avoiding gluten if you also have celiac disease.
In General – These rules apply

A.   Avoid most packaged food with a long list of ingredients- most of all, preservatives.

B.   When preparing foods, select raw, fresh, steamed or broiled options over fried, barbecued or highly processed foods.

Foods to Avoid:
  • For Sjogren's patients, there are a number of foods to avoid. The first food to leave out of diet are milk and all other dairy products. Often, people do not realize that many of our foods are made from milk and other dairy products. Avoid consuming milk, cheese, ice cream, yogurt and all creams and sauces made of milk or cheese. Also consider diminishing or avoiding altogether any foods or recipes that call for milk or cheese, including macaroni and pizza. Another important item to leave off of a diet for Sjogren's is wheat, including any pasta or breads made from wheat products. In addition, avoid any foods made of or containing gluten. It is important to read all labels carefully, as many products contain gluten for texture.
Foods to Eat:
  • The most ideal diet for Sjogren's is to eat only natural and whole non-processed foods. This can get quite expensive, especially for people living far from a major city where these foods can be purchased. The next best thing to do is to eat an abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits. These provide basic nutrients and antioxidents that fight cell damage. Include low-fat foods in the diet, including lean meat, fish, white chicken, beans, nuts and soy products. In addition, add foods high in complex carbohydrates including fresh fruit, vegetables and breads.
Avoid Certain Food Additives
  • The main goal with Sjogren's is to avoid any food or additive that can further dehydrate the body. Some of the herbs or additives that can be irritating are cayenne pepper, red pepper and horseradish. Also avoid any foods that are spicy, such as chili. Usually Mexican and Indian foods have a lot of added spices such as cayenne and red pepper, so it would also be best to avoid these. These foods and spices can dry out the saliva glands.
Proper Hydration
  • As Sjogren's depletes the moisture-producing glands and areas of the body, keeping hydrated is extremely important. The first thing to avoid is caffeine in the form of teas, colas and coffees, because caffeine tends to dehydrate the body. Water is the best beverage to drink, and eight glasses should be consumed a day. Fruits and vegetables high in water content are also useful to hydrate the body. Some of these foods include watermelon, peaches, tomatoes and cucumbers.

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- Anti-inflammatories - to reduce irritation and inflammation of the tear, salivery glands, eye surface, eyelids, and joints
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